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Welcome to our site!
The nursery "Northern Bears❋UA" is officially registered in the German WCF system.


We are engaged in breeding breeding cats of Scottish breed longhair (highland) and short-haired (Scottish) variations, fold (fold) and pryamouhimi (straight).
All the animals of the kennel are in the "Alisa" DRPFC. They are surrounded by attention, love and care.

Our main goal is the birth of a healthy and strong offspring, which will correspond to the standard of Scottish breed.
We are constantly participating in cat shows. There our animals get their deserved titles, ratings and description from experts.

On our site you can see all our animals. Also you can choose and buy yourself a chic kitten.

Kittens are beautiful, expensive - but they are healthy, vaccinated and smart.



With respect, the owner of the nursery is Julia Pertseva.


Dnipro, Ukraine.
Viber:        +38 (050) 480-62-54
WhatsApp: +38 (096) 363-37-12
Viber: +38 (098) 348-25-86
Anastasia and Julia Pertseva.


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